ACTION ALERT - Stop This Threat to Clean Water

Take Action! A minute of your time can help save the Chester.

The federal Office of Management and Budget is considering cutting funding for the EPA's Chesapeake Bay Program by 100%, from $73 million to $0 in 2018 according to the Washington Post. There is also an effort underway to roll back the Waters of the United States Rule, which more clearly defines which bodies of water are protected under the Clean Water Act.

These changes will limit CRA's local enforcement and advocacy efforts by chipping away at the foundation of clean water protections, namely the Clean Water Act and its enforcing agency.

Our friends at Waterkeeper's Chesapeake have made it easy for you to reach out to your representatives in Congress and urge them to fight these potential budget cuts and the reverasal of the Waters of the U.S. Rule.

Follow this link to draft your message and urge your representatives to fight for clean water.

Staff and volunteers at the Chester River Association collect over 10,000 data points a year in an effort to promote science-based management of our shared natural resource, the river. We ask you to join us in advocating on behalf of the river, because clean water is not a partisan issue.

The improvements in Bay health we have seen in recent years will not continue if the Chesapeake Bay Program and all of the state and local entities involved do not have sufficient support to meet restoration and pollution reduction goals.

The implementation of the Waters of the U.S. rule clarified protection of streams that supply drinking water for 117 million Americans across the country, meaning that without the rule those same sources of drinking water are at greater risk.

Keeping pollution out of streams and wetlands is essential for improving water quality; data collected by CRA staff and volunteers shows that most of our pollution comes from upstream in our tributaries (view our report cards here).

Let your representatives know that reversing the Waters of the U.S. Rule and cutting EPA funding is not in the best interest of the Chester River or the Chesapeake Bay.