Gala Success - Thank You!

Well, you guys did it again. You helped us raise a record amount of money at our 5th Annual Summer Solstice Gala - we're still tallying but it looks like we raised about $60,000 for the Chester River! Not only did we exceed our fundraising goal based on your generosity, but everyone had an amazing time! The drinks were flowing, the food was sensational, the tent was packed, and the High and Wides helped set the mood up on stage with some great live music. Truly, it was an inspirational evening on the banks of the Chester!

Of course we extend our greatest appreciation to those that donated auction items, those that bid so generously, and all of our benefactors, sponsors, and attendees. And last but not least, thank you to CRA Gala Chair Brook Schumann and CRA Gala Staff Liasion Emily Harris.

And if you weren't able to make it but are wondering why your Riverkeeper is holding a bird of prey in the photo above, you'll just have to come next year to find out!