Science and Monitoring

From Queenstown to Millington, CRA staff and our volunteer Chester Tester Citizen Scientists monitor water quality at 21 tidal stations and 27 non-tidal stations throughout the Chester River watershed. We evaluate the water for common indicators, including dissolved oxygen, nutrient pollution, algae, pH, and clarity.  

Chester River Association Monitoring Stations

Chester River Association Monitoring Stations

Our water quality monitoring program is based on scientific guidance developed by the Mid-Atlantic Tributary Assessment Coalition (MTAC).  Each staff member and volunteer who participates in water quality monitoring is oriented with a technical training and must attend and pass an annual training workshop to ensure all data points collected are accurate.  

All data points are collected and reviewed as part of our Quality Assurance Program.

We post our monitoring data for public use on our RiverWatch (coming soon) website, and we use our monitoring data to develop the annual Chester River Report Card, to identify and mitigate pollution sources, and to strategically prioritize restoration efforts.   

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