2016 Chester River Report Card

In 2016, the Chester River received an overall grade of C+. This marks a slow improvement year over year, but it isn't good enough! To read about the detailed grades of the Chester River or your creek or stream, click here to read the full report. 

The main pollutants in our river are nutrients and sediment. 

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Report Card Methods:

CRA's Chester River Report Card is the product of tremendous volunteer effort and scientific analysis. Our Chester Tester Citizen Scientists collect data at 27 stream sites twice monthly, year round. Our Riverkeeper and Watershed Manager collect samples from the mainstem of the Chester River from Eastern Neck Island to Crumpton.

Samples are processed via established scientific protocols and grades are calculated using methods developed by the Mid-Atlantic Tributary Assessment Coalition (MTAC). MTAC's Tidal and Non-Tidal guidance can be downloaded here:

MTAC Tidal Guidance

MTAC Non-Tidal Guidance

If you have any questions regarding the Report Card, please contact CRA Watershed Manager, Tim Trumbauer (ttrumbauer@chesterriverassociation.org)