How Can I Help the Chester River?

From Love Point to Millington, the Chester River is the scenic, economic, and natural heart of our region. No matter who you are, you have the ability to help improve the Chester River. How?

Report Pollution

Report pollution to the Chester Riverkeeper.

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Your donations support our vision of a healthy Chester River for our community and future generations.

When you join CRA, you add your voice to the hundreds of local residents who are willing to fight for a healthy Chester River.

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Volunteer as a Chester Tester Citizen Scientist, grow oysters with our Marylanders Grow Oysters (MGO) program, or join our Chester Brigade to help with everything from stream cleanups to envelope stuffing.

Make river-smart choices


Our years' of scientific monitoring show that most of the pollution in the Chester River comes from within our watershed. Poorly managed farms, failing septic systems, and  The University of Maryland Extension's Bay-Wise program is a great place to start and is fully endorsed by CRA.

Contact CRA Watershed manager Tim Trumbauer to learn about river-friendly practices, including

  • reduce or eliminate fertilizer and pesticide use
  • install rain gardens and rain barrels
  • reduce lawn area by planting native trees and shrubs